A Flat of our own

After one week in the quiet resort of the sisters we find with the help of a colleague and friend of Dorothee a splendid appartment in the affluent Kileleshwa borrough of Nairobi.

The tall building has 14 stories and our flat is on the 13th. Which gives us an unforgettable view over Nairobi.

Nairobi turns out to be all that what it is commonly ascribed, namely loud, crowdy and full of cars. But it has also many green, silent places and a skyline ressembling to New York.

Sitting on our balcony we can see eagles passing by, even below us. Not to mention the view from the roof top.

![Eagle flying before balcony](images/eagle.jpg “Evening at Kileleshwa”)

I can walk to my workplace, whereas Dorothee’s is an hour’s drive away, located in South B, a part of Nairobi called a middle-class borrough. To us it looks a bit rough.

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