Karibu! – Welcome to Nairobi!

After a long, pleasant flight from Berlin via Frankfort we arrive at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. My wife Dorothee and I enjoyed the flight, and even Lucy the cat arrives in good condition, albeit not amused.

Her mood does not improve when she learns that she is confined to a single room in the resort of the Sisters of the Holy Family. This is a quiet and green oasis, but we don’t want Lucy to go out, since she is not accustomed to that.

What she ignores is that we are set to stay for three years as seconded specialists by Brot für die Welt, a German development agency. Dorothee works with [Haart](https://haartkenya.org/), a NGO working against human trafficking. I help the [NCCK](www.ncck.org) to become a more data driven organisation.

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